Saturday, 13 October 2012

Feeling Autumnal

Kate Moss lasting finish 04

With the new Kate Moss matte collection lippies out, it made me remember about mine from her first collection and it just so happened to be a lovely deep purple shade which is perfect for Autumn, i brought this lippie when i still had red hair and every time i put it on i would take it off again i think the red and purple just completely washed me out, but upon trying it again this morning with my blonde locks i can say its well on the way to becoming a new favourite shade of mine. I kept the rest of my makeup really simple so that the lips do all the talking! Just the normal foundation, a light coat of mascara and no eye shadow instead just keeping the look really fresh.
Skeleton hand heart top: River Island
Vertical stripe leggings: River Island
Mary Jane Wedges: New Look
Wet look jacket: Red or dead

Definitely felt it getting a lot colder out today, so out came the trust worthy wet look jacket, still not willing to bring out the heavy winter coat yet! Saying that its definitely time to buy a new one i think my last one has had its day, not to sure what I’m looking for this year though, don’t know whether to jump on the parka and leather sleeves trend, or the wax look coats with fur collars, decisions decisions!


  1. I love that lip colour on you - welcome back Maria!

    1. Thanks, expect lots more posts to come :)

  2. LOVE the dark lip! gorge! xx

  3. That lippie suits you perfectly! :) x

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