Friday, 7 November 2014

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Oh dear!

Well... where do i start, the grand plan was to come back and be able to continue blogging with a working laptop but...
As we all know by know things just never go that smoothly for me, the situation is i have a laptop, i have a fully working internet connection but all ports to be able to upload photos are not working! I have been trying everything to fix them and just nothing!
So hopefully speak to you all soon, when i have electronics that want to co-operate :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Yay i am finally back!!
I have a working laptop, it may be a little slow but it does the job and i just couldn't wait to get back on here and start things back up again. I have literally been lost without it, my phones battery has taken a hammering because of my need to be on the internet.
So excited to be back, with lots of new ideas and posts coming your way.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Sorry My Laptop Hates Me

Hey lovelies

Just a quick update, i am currently going to be unable to blog, i dont know how long it will be for. As regulars readers may know i have been having major problems with my laptop for a good few months so i did know it was on its last hinges but wednesday it typed its final words and now is completely broken. It was taken to try and be fixed yesterday and the truth is its going to cost me more to fix it then it is to buy a new one. As i dont have any savings that allow for a new laptop i am on a major saving mission now and will only be able to blog the odd post if i'm round my brothers for the day or maybe just a quick update post from my phone like this one.
I'm really not a happy bunny at the minute, i fell so lost without my laptop! The only good thing is i shall still be taking loads of outfit photos so when i have a shiny new laptop expect to be inundated with loads and loads of posts.

Hope you all are having a lovely start to the weekend, especially as the sun should be making an appearance. I shall be out for drinks on saturday and enjoying a family day on sunday. What are you plans to enjoy the sunny weekend?

I shall definitely still be around on twitter and good ol' instagram so please follow me there, i'm always up for a natter.


Saturday, 29 June 2013


Cut away top frontCut away top backCut away top front1Cut away top sideCut away top side1Cut away top

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Finally a bit of sunshine! Not enough to warrant bare legs, but i have been wanting to wear this top since i brought it a few months ago but good ol’ British weather wouldn’t let me, so today was its debut. Worn with my acid wash bandeau for a clash of colour. I absolutely love the back of the top, it is just a ‘me’ top anything that is cut away i’m all over it. Also it will look gorgeous worn over a bikini, perfect summery top.

My makeup today was really simple as i received a new lipstick earlier in the week and wanted to try it out, the wrong shade was sent to me but i thought oh well just keep it and try it anyway. A way of stepping out of  my comfort zone as i would have never have brought this shade, as i’m sure you all know by now if its not bright i will not even give a second look. I shall have a review of the lipstick coming up tomorrow, its a thumbs up so far.

Natural look

Hope your all enjoying your weekend, i’m still fully absorbed in the tennis couldn’t contain my excitement when Nadal went out first round! I now have everything crossed for Murray, even though how great was the Djokovic game today.

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