Thursday, 5 September 2013

Oh dear!

Well... where do i start, the grand plan was to come back and be able to continue blogging with a working laptop but...
As we all know by know things just never go that smoothly for me, the situation is i have a laptop, i have a fully working internet connection but all ports to be able to upload photos are not working! I have been trying everything to fix them and just nothing!
So hopefully speak to you all soon, when i have electronics that want to co-operate :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Sorry My Laptop Hates Me

Hey lovelies

Just a quick update, i am currently going to be unable to blog, i dont know how long it will be for. As regulars readers may know i have been having major problems with my laptop for a good few months so i did know it was on its last hinges but wednesday it typed its final words and now is completely broken. It was taken to try and be fixed yesterday and the truth is its going to cost me more to fix it then it is to buy a new one. As i dont have any savings that allow for a new laptop i am on a major saving mission now and will only be able to blog the odd post if i'm round my brothers for the day or maybe just a quick update post from my phone like this one.
I'm really not a happy bunny at the minute, i fell so lost without my laptop! The only good thing is i shall still be taking loads of outfit photos so when i have a shiny new laptop expect to be inundated with loads and loads of posts.

Hope you all are having a lovely start to the weekend, especially as the sun should be making an appearance. I shall be out for drinks on saturday and enjoying a family day on sunday. What are you plans to enjoy the sunny weekend?

I shall definitely still be around on twitter and good ol' instagram so please follow me there, i'm always up for a natter.


Saturday, 29 June 2013


My makeup today was really simple as i received a new lipstick earlier in the week and wanted to try it out, the wrong shade was sent to me but i thought oh well just keep it and try it anyway. A way of stepping out of  my comfort zone as i would have never have brought this shade, as i’m sure you all know by now if its not bright i will not even give a second look. I shall have a review of the lipstick coming up tomorrow, its a thumbs up so far.

Natural look

Hope your all enjoying your weekend, i’m still fully absorbed in the tennis couldn’t contain my excitement when Nadal went out first round! I now have everything crossed for Murray, even though how great was the Djokovic game today.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Neon Satchel

Neon Satchel Forever 21

| Yellow Neon Satchel Forever 21 |

Neon Satchel close up

Neon Satchel inside closed zip

Neon Satchel side view

Neon Satchel and me

My little yellow baby! I fell in love with this beauty instantly, after a lonesome trip to Bluewater to finish off some Birthday present shopping, i thought why not just pop into Forever 21 and have a mooch around. As usual i went straight to the centre accessory department, where sitting there was a collection of neon satchels, i knew i had to have one! After a little deliberation with myself about the sole purpose of the trip and that i should be saving my pennies i decided that i would just have to wait a little longer for it to be mine.

Hold on… 2 shops later i find myself back at Forever 21 at the cash desk with satchel in hand. So naughty as i really didn’t need a new bag but it was just far to shiny and pretty to resist. It is the perfect size to fit in all the essentials without filling it with loads of rubbish like i do my Zara tote bag. It has secure fastening, 2 push studs on the buckles and a 2 button push clasp opening. Inside it has a large front pocket, with large zip compartment consisting of another 2 pockets for phone and keys and another small zip compartment inside. It really is surprising how much room there is. The strap is adjustable and is also fully detachable.

I absolutely love this bag, it looks perfect shining in the sunshine (when it comes out) and is definitely an eye catcher.

Next purchase: Neon pink i think!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Review

 Back in April i posted about my new hair cut, here if you want to have a look New Haircut. I mentioned that my hair had a lot of yellow tones in it, as the roots were bleached but not toned at all. As the intention was to just dye it peach in a few weeks time, so toner really wasn’t needed, but as usual i deterred from this idea and ended up leaving the colour as it was and deciding to just neutralise all the yellow tones by trying out the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew.

John Frieda blonde2

2013-04-30 makeupCollages8

To start the packaging of John Frieda products is by far my favourite, i can’t stand the endless amount of other brands that have stupid shape shampoo and conditioner bottles, that you just can’t get the whole product out of the bottle when you are nearing the end, really does infuriated me. The caps are also quite tight so no unexpected leakages.  Nice simple sleek design for easy usage, a win for me.

It was a week after the dye job that i decided to give this range a try. Below is the before photos, where you can see how yellow the roots and certain patches are.

Screen Captures1

The first use of the products i was more than a little sceptical, i didn’t have a clue what the results would be like and whether if possible it would make it worse. Maybe if  it didn’t work at all, or just worked on the already lightened sections and make these purple, i honestly didn’t have a clue what to expect. The only way to know was to stop worrying and give it a try. John Frieda say that Sheer Blonde Colour Renew is created for colour treated blondes. It neutralises brassiness whilst optical brighteners give an instant boost for noticeably brighter, silkier blonde hair in just 3 uses. Lets put this to the test.

The shampoo itself is an extremely runny consistency and is lilac in colour. As it is a light purple shade i assume it is not as harsh as other purple toning treatments and can be used as more of a regular shampoo and conditioner rather than a 2 weekly treatment. Applying the shampoo has to be quick work, it is that runny that you don’t have much time to rub it in your hands to even out the product its more a case of quick chuck it on my head and start massaging away. It foams up quite considerably and also has a rather pleasant smell,  a real surprise for me. The conditioner is a lovely thick consistency and a little goes a long way.

First wash complete, hair blow dried and i was pleasantly surprised, even on the first wash there was a difference, all be it a very subtle one but the yellow was certainly a little lighter. I have now been using this shampoo and conditioner for 2 months with still about 2 weeks usage left in the bottle, so it’s definitely good value for money.

This is the results:

John Frieda blonde1

As you can see it definitely has helped to neutralise the yellowish tones and make more of an even colour, my rubbish photos really don’t do it justice, but out in the sunlight it looks a lot more lighter and even. I am completely happy with the results it has given me and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to even out the tones in your hair, the range is a very gentle formula and has left my hair completely silky soft after every wash.

I am however still on the mission to get the roots about another shade lighter, so i am going to be trying out the Pro:voke touch of silver weekly treatment, as it is a stronger formula it might help lighten the colour to my desired result.  I shall be trying this out in the next few weeks so shall keep you updated.

Now on a whim i’m feeling the urge to cut a fringe back in again,  oh the joys of getting bored with any hairstyle so quickly.

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