Friday, 5 July 2013

Sorry My Laptop Hates Me

Hey lovelies

Just a quick update, i am currently going to be unable to blog, i dont know how long it will be for. As regulars readers may know i have been having major problems with my laptop for a good few months so i did know it was on its last hinges but wednesday it typed its final words and now is completely broken. It was taken to try and be fixed yesterday and the truth is its going to cost me more to fix it then it is to buy a new one. As i dont have any savings that allow for a new laptop i am on a major saving mission now and will only be able to blog the odd post if i'm round my brothers for the day or maybe just a quick update post from my phone like this one.
I'm really not a happy bunny at the minute, i fell so lost without my laptop! The only good thing is i shall still be taking loads of outfit photos so when i have a shiny new laptop expect to be inundated with loads and loads of posts.

Hope you all are having a lovely start to the weekend, especially as the sun should be making an appearance. I shall be out for drinks on saturday and enjoying a family day on sunday. What are you plans to enjoy the sunny weekend?

I shall definitely still be around on twitter and good ol' instagram so please follow me there, i'm always up for a natter.



  1. Ahh Maria. Sorry to hear about your issues with the laptop, mine broke a couple of years ago and I felt SO lost, ha! I even blogged from an old, VERY OLD Dell PC. Who the hell evens uses a PC nowadays?



    1. I know right! I have been pestering family to borrow a laptop no matter how old it is (as long as it works it will do fine) but no luck and constantly using my phone is eating my battery sooo much, let alone trying to write a post with photos and all! xx


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