Sunday, 31 March 2013

Look Fresh Cheeks Melon

Look Fresh Cheeks product

Browsing through my favourite beauty blogs i have noticed a lot of bloggers raving about cream blush. All of which have tempted me to take my first step into this world. Look have released 3 shades of these, the others look a little too dark for my skin tone. I would like to see Look release some more that are more pink toned.

Look Fresh Cheeks Swatches

I have to admit i was a little (lets say) frightened of cream blush, mainly because to look at the product in the pan it does not look at all blendable and i didn’t want to end up looking like i have massive round rosy cheeks like a clown!

Look Fresh Cheeks look face close up

I decided to purchase Looks cream blush in Melon. It is a light orange shade with pink undertones. It has an extremely soft consistency so is easily blendable even though that was my fear when looking at it. To get the colour pay off you require i always start with a really light application, by just rubbing my fingers lightly into the product then applying straight to the apple of my cheeks, working outwards. I then go back in to the apple of my cheeks with the product again to build up the colour to the shade i am after, also so you can see the fade outwards is more defined.

Look Fresh Cheeks look face

This is the first Look Beauty product i have brought and can definitely say i am willing to buy some other products, I’m thinking the Pout Stains are next.


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