Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lipstick eyes à la Look magazine

I am going to start doing a fortnightly post on makeup i have been inspired by from magazines, books or celebrities. To start this off i was immediately drawn to a gorgeous photo from Look magazine, which has used lipstick for an eyeshadow.
I have not copied the exact look, instead just took inspiration from it and here is what i have come up with!
Products used
Revlon colourstay foundation in 110 ivory
Benefit Bella Bamba

Light pink gloss

Urban Decay primer potion
Topshop Brighton Rock lipstick
Sex and the City that New York look palette, Dark purple lip gloss
Sex and the City that New York look palette, Pink and purple pastel eye shadows
Urban Decay Book of shadows III in Psychedelic Sister and Uzi
24/7 eye pencil in Zero
Benefit Bad Gal mascara in plum

I have built up the colour from the lip gloss with pastel eye shadows to add depth to the look, overall I'm pretty happy with it, i shall definitely be giving this a try again!

Have you ever used lipstick for eyeshadow?
Is there any looks you would like to see me re-create?
Please send me photos and links if there is i will be more then happy to give them a try!


  1. Aww! That looks like a fairy tale look ;)

  2. I've never used lipstick for eyeshadow before, but it seems like a cool concept! :)

    I'll email you a look to recreate later!

  3. @Shang: Now you mention it, it does!
    @Vintage: You should try it out, it acts just like a coloured primer!
    Thanks looking forward to seeing what it is!

  4. you look lovely :) <3 love the color combination.

  5. thats such an awesome idea! xx

  6. @Sara: Thank you huni :)
    @Cowbiscuits: I like it, think i might try some other colours!

  7. I love the colours you used! I think it's a great idea to use makeup products for things other than their intended uses, it makes things more creative! It sure looks good here, anyway!

  8. Nice makeup, love the eyeshadow colours.

  9. Love this, it makes your eyes pop so much. Gorgeous!


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