Monday, 20 June 2011

Benefit Get Even Review

A long overdue review i know! I hauled this product quite a while ago and have mentioned it in a few other posts but now feels like the right time for a full review.
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As you can see the packaging is very simple, its a black mirror compact with 8.9g of product in it also comes with a round sponge applicator. The compact has the Benefit logo on it with a circle pattern on the lid, the clasp is very firm so is great for just throwing into your bag.
Get Even comes in 3 shade, 1 light, 2 medium and 3 deep, i obviously brought the lightest shade and it matches my skin tone extremely well. It retails at £22.50 and can be brought in large department stores, Benefit counters and online.

First try
The first day i tried out this product i was really happy with the results, it was a fairly warm day and normally by around about lunch time my face will normally start to get really shiny and my foundation will not look as great. So this was brought basically to help my makeup stay matte and to decrease the shine.
I applied the product using the round sponge applicator which is not the best at getting an even amount of product, so i would definitely say use a brush. I applied this all over my face and neck after finishing applying my normal makeup, and was really happy with the results. As soon as i applied it my makeup looked more matte and less shiny and it had helped even out any redness i have.
It kept my face looking shine free for about 8 hours which is absolutely great, and even then i only needed to reapply to my t-zone.
Then the problems started to occur, i started taking my makeup off that night, to find an array of lovely red blotches on my face, which was the start of a really bad break out!
Product got shoved to the back of my draw until the breakout cleared up!

Second try
Applied this time using a brush, i found it applied more evenly and i wasn’t using as much product.
It gave exactly the same results, even skin tone, less shiny and a matte finish and lasting 8 hours so all was good again.
Dreading taking it off, that evening i removed my makeup to find that low and behold my skin was fine, i don’t know if first time round i used something else that i wouldn’t normally, i can’t say i remember.
I have been using this product everyday since, and still no problems and as its getting warmer weather, the product is still holding up and giving me 8 hours of matte finish even with crazy hectic days at work!
makeup 053
Hopefully you see how matte my makeup looks in this pic, was happy with the results here!
Final Verdict
I would say buy this if you have oily skin and are looking for a product that will blot away shine for an average amount of time. I think you could definitely find a cheaper alternative to this product that will do the same job if not better, so honestly i don’t think i will be repurchasing.


  1. Hm this doesn't seem like it's worth the money really! I love your makeup in the photo btw :)

  2. @Vintage: No i don't think it is, i shall definitely be shopping around with this runs out! Thank you! :)

  3. Great review, thanks for the in-depth detail, really helpful :) xx

  4. Thanks Izzy, In-depth or ramble ha ha, i think i got a bit carried away, i can't remember the last time i posted a review! :)

  5. Great review! I have tried a couple of face products from Benefit and I find that they do not work well with my skin type. I have very oily skin and usually they just don't wear well on me.


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