Thursday, 25 October 2012

Review Kate Moss lasting finish 04 lipstick

Kate Moss lasting finish 04 lipstick
This lipstick was one of the seven shades launched in the first Rimmel collaboration with Kate Moss in the lasting finish collection.

The packaging is just plain black with Kate’s signature in red on the lid.  As soon as you take off the lid you are hit with a quite sweet smell, don’t let this put you off it doesn’t linger when worn. It is a deep purple colour with black undertones, in the swatches it looks a lot darker then when applied on the lips, i was slightly scared of the colour at first, as i am obviously very fair skinned and wasn’t sure if could pull it off, but i think i managed it, i would just say to make sure you keep the rest of your look really simple, a little pink blusher and neutral eye shadow should even out the colour.

I apply this lipstick using a lip brush so i can get a perfect outline, and build up the colour to the desired opacity. It has a smooth creamy consistency but it doesn't really set on the lips unless you use another product to help it along. It does build up in patches leaving an uneven speckled look, so make sure your lips are moisturized well as it will show up any cracks. It does require keeping an eye on throughout the day for the occasional top up so just make sure you have always got a mirror handy.

Even though i adore the colour of this lipstick, i don’t think i will be repurchasing due to the build up of colour, i think there is a better alternative out there somewhere.



  1. Replies
    1. It is indeed, just wish the application was better :) x

  2. Hi, great blog, I've just become a follower. Thanks for this review. Very insightful and honest! I do like the shade of this lipstick but I think I would have the same problem as you with the patchiness as a few lipsticks do this to me. Hope you find a better alternative because the colour looks awesome against your skin tone.

    1. Thank you and thanks for following :) I'm still searching but shall be sure to update if i find one :) xx


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