Saturday, 6 August 2011

OOTD: Turquoise you say!

Sleeveless turquoise shirt-Miss Selfridges
Black lace body-New look
Animal print harems- River Island
Turquoise ring-Miss Selfridges
Black peep top bow shoes-New Look

Well Hello there all, i didn’t realise it had been so long since i last posted an OOTD, I am absolutely in love with my sleeveless shirt! I purchased it a little while ago in the Miss Selfridge sale, i am surprised i haven’t posted about it earlier!

So how has everyone’s weekend been so far? Mine has not started that well, i went into work for a nice and easy 4 hour shift that was meant to be just in the stockroom sorting out the sale. But as usual i was called out onto the floor to help out! Then i starting to feel a slight headache coming on, only to find out i have a massive bump on my head! With no recollection what so ever of hitting it! I must have knocked it while in the stockroom but honestly i can’t remember a thing and am now just left with a headache!

As its still hurting and i don’t feel up to doing much, i am going to spend the night getting some posts ready for you all and catching up on my favourite blogs, alongside watching Harry Potter and munching on some delicious Smarties cookies and having a much needed cup of tea!

Anyone else having a relaxing evening?


  1. love it and the new hair do is amazing! x

  2. Love the shirt! Hope your head starts to feel better. :)

  3. Cute the shirt :)
    Aww bless, I hope your head is ok now...glad your evenings been better :)

  4. Brilliant combo! It looks so modern. X

  5. That cocktail ring is gorgeous! Shame we don't have Miss Selfridges in Australia :-(

  6. @Adrienne: Thanks, i think i'm only just getting used to it :)
    @Vintage: Heads feeling slightly better so all is good!
    @Sarah: Thank you :)
    @Mercedes: Thanks, its definitely a step out of my comfort zone, but i like it!
    @Vita: That is a shame, I can honestly say it is my fav high street store for jewellery :)


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