Sunday, 8 May 2011

OOTD: Red trousers

Vest top: Primark
Red Trousers: Topshop
 Necklace: New look
Ring: Brought in Spain a few years ago on holiday, rediscovered this morning!

Blog posties have been lacking i know, apologies, just been taking every extra hour that i can possible have at work which included weekends so i have been working like crazy, coming home knackered and not feeling up to doing much. Apart from watching the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, getting all excited for the new release, so you know where i shall be on the 20th.

If you haven't noticed i have currently revamped my blog, i definitely think it looks a whole lot better now!
Let me know what you all think, are you preferring the larger photos and general layout?


  1. Love the new design! :) You pull off those trousers well, and I LOVE that ring!

  2. Nice outfit, I like the trousers and lovely ring too. i Like the new blog layout, especially the colour scheme. Someone one told me that big photos on a blog make it look more professional. Seems to work for yours.

    Love the eye makeup too BTW, lovely colours.

  3. @Izzy: Thanks huni :)
    @Vintage: Thank you, thought you might like the ring!
    @Charlotte: Thanks, im glad you like it, i was hoping for that effect, not as crazy as before!
    Also FOTD will be uploaded tomorrow, with this look :)


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