Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mr Postie came with this today, GlossyBox!

Anyone who has not received their GlossyBox yet and doesn't want to spoil the surprise as to what is inside do not read this post! :)
Also apologies in advance to all you bloggers, as i know there is going to be loads of posts on this, making up the majority of your dashboard today and I'm just adding to that percentage ha ha!

My box arrived at 11:30, still in my pyjamas i answer the door to a nice cheery postie delivering my box. I actually remembered to take some photos before i got it all out, i'm actually quite chuffed with myself as i did have a childish need to just rip it open and find out whats inside! :)
The packaging is lovely, great attention to detail and the contents I'm hoping are great too. I have already used the lipstick this morning and i have to say its a good first impression!

I'm definitely looking forward to using these products, and shall be reviewing them soon!

Anyone else received their GlossyBox today?
Whats your first impressions?
If you haven't ordered one, has seeing whats inside made you want to sign up?


  1. I saw someone else doing a post on this. I never heard of it. I know there's something similar in the US but didn't know they have something similar here. Interesting.

  2. It's definitely worth checking out! :)

  3. Oh yeah, I really really want this now! Haha :)
    How much is it a month? xx

  4. It's £10 a month!
    I'm a useless blogger, i didn't even mention the price ha ha, too excited i forgot :)

  5. iv just ordered mine after reading this! i always always super jel at the US girls and their birch boxes...

  6. @Summer: Me too, i'm so glad we now have our own, i'm just hoping new months is just as good :)

  7. *next months*

    Its a spelling mistake disaster day!!

  8. That lipstick looks gorgeous! Everyone always get such lovely things with these :)

  9. @Vintage: Yeah i'm happy with mine, looking forward to using them :)


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